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Summit Real Estate Group approaches project development and building renovation with a systematic, process-driven methodology. We know from our years of experience that following a refined development and acquisition process helps ensure that a project is delivered on time and on budget.

Ground-up development projects are complicated and require a diverse skillset. Our breadth of project experience, from industrial parks and shopping centers to entertainment and specialty uses, has sharpened our skills and ensures we deliver value by proactively managing each step.


Entitlement & Due Diligence


Entitling is the first step in creating development value in ground-up development projects. Summit approaches each entitlement project as a collaboration with governing municipalities and all stakeholders. When completing due diligence for an acquisition, our methodology is disciplined, and process driven. We not only pay attention to the underlying details, but we also ask the right questions in order to avoid surprises.



Summit Fund and Development platforms have executed on one billion dollars of commercial real estate assets. Our understanding of the appropriate risk-adjusted return enables us to properly structure each project’s capital stack and obtain appropriate finance terms. Our extensive banking relationships and our history of performance allows us to obtain the right terms for each transaction.



Our extensive experience in buying construction ensures that a project has the right cost and the right team. Our years of building projects, ranging from developing buildings to completing tenant finishes, enables us to develop a plan for success. We know that while no plan is foolproof, we can build in the flexibility to address unforeseen issues that will keep a project on track and on budget.