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For more than 25 years Summit has pursued long-lasting relationships within our local communities with the goal of fostering positive, sustainable outcomes.

Summit, and its principals, actively engage in activities, programs, and initiatives that support local communities. Our expertise in commercial real estate allows us the opportunity to provide unique value to numerous important causes.


Established by Summit in 2023, Mission Realty Advisors (“MRA”) is a 501(c)(3) that exclusively serves community-based nonprofits in the St. Louis area. MRA is a direct response to significant needs within the community for equitable access to resources to help address challenges on real estate matters. MRA provides consulting and development services including budgeting, scheduling, contractor selection, capitalizing and funding source strategies, design, construction, and project management.

By focusing its efforts on nonprofit organizations that operate at the neighborhood or community level, and which respond directly to needs such as housing, education, health care, and other social services, MRA believes it will have a “multiplier” impact where it is needed the most, benefitting the traditionally underserved. A critical aspect of MRA’s business model is to engage others within the community to expand the network of resources and to participate in bringing about meaningful change. To that end, individuals, businesses, and foundations have come together to help sponsor its mission and this allows MRA to offer its services at a cost that nonprofits can afford. Click the link below to learn more.


Our caring culture extends beyond people and their inspired causes through a recognition and pursuit of sustainable and environmentally conscience practices within the communities where we operate and do business. These practices have been in place for many years and are incorporated into our ground-up developments, redevelopments, and capital improvement projects.



  • Each new project considers environmentally sustainable development and construction best practices.
  • Multi-phased process to maintain consistent, sustainable standards for our assets and portfolio.
  • Property specific opportunities are evaluated and implemented as conditions allow.



  • Some of Summit’s most important and exciting work involves updating existing buildings and property sites with sustainable and environmentally conscious elements.
  • As new spaces are built out, existing spaces upgraded, and building systems replaced, sustainable technology, materials, and methods are incorporated.

In addition to implementing best practices, we support resilient U.S. forests through reforestation which can serve to offset potential impacts related to our ground-up development projects.



  • In 2021 Summit launched an initiative to help mitigate the impact of tree removal at our ground-up development projects.
  • Each project budget earmarks donations that support National Forest Foundation and American Forests in their reforestation efforts.
  • Summit has a goal of supporting the planting of 10,000 trees by year-end 2024.