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Summit Real Estate Group Partners with Local Nonprofit on Redevelopment Project

West Florissant Avenue in North St. Louis County drew national attention in 2014 for being Ground Zero of the Ferguson uprising.

The abandoned Springwood Plaza at 10148 W. Florissant Ave. is just one mile north of the Canfield Green apartments, where Mike Brown was shot and killed by a former Ferguson police officer in August 2014.

In October, Ken and his wife Beverly Jenkins will lead the start of construction on a $15-million redevelopment project at the plaza, which will include centers for workforce development, early childhood education, financial empowerment, entrepreneurial advancement, and a multiplex facility that will host community opportunities, such as a church, health and wellness, events and the arts. It’s set to open in spring/summer of 2021.

Summit Real Estate Group is helping with the acquisition and development of the project.

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