In each of our Funds, our thesis is to utilize our deep local market knowledge and implement a strategy which focuses on our competitive advantage in creating value through vertical integration in the small-to-medium sized business cohort.

Summit Real Estate Group provides limited partners a robust investment platform, process, team, and investment infrastructure.

Summit Real Estate Group is a dedicated vertically integrated platform. We believe our ability to control the entire process is our competitive advantage. Our dedicated in-house development and investment platforms collaboratively integrate the knowledge and insight needed to consistently execute our value creation strategies.

Our collaborative approach integrates resources from all of Summit’s in-house teams, including:

  • Investments
  • Development & Development Execution
  • Construction
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Finance
  • Accounting & Compliance
  • Investor Relations


Acquisitions Team

  • Acquire existing underperforming assets and enhance value through renovation and repositions through capital improvements and rebranding
  • Thorough investment practices driven by examination of supply and demand characteristics of distinct regional economies, identifying market condition imbalances that present the opportunity for value-add investments to capitalize upon.
  • Ability to access situational and complex deal flow is supported by the firm’s strength and experience identifying value, analyzing outcomes, and creating quality in various scenarios.


Asset Management Team

  • Implement a detailed business plan for each individual property to maximize the potential of all operating assets in Summit’s portfolio.
  • Operationally-intensive approach to real estate asset management, leasing, operations, and capital improvement implementation.
  • Institutional reporting providing current property progress and updates, comprehensive quarterly reports, audited annual reports, and limited partner documentation.


Development and Construction Team

  • Executes the full range of the development process, collaborating seamlessly every step of the way, including design and engineering, site evaluation, entitlements and permits, master planning, building specifications, among other various deliverables during the development process
  • Ensures efficiency and a high level of craftsmanship through in-house construction management and produce results within budget and on-time
  • Interaction between builder and client ensures a shared vision, therefore, goals and expectations are aligned from the start


Property Management Team

  • Focus on expense management and outstanding tenant service ensures client investments are protected and continue to increase in value over the long-term. The firm maintains and enhances its properties on a regular basis which in turn maximizes profitability for clients.
  • Responsible for preventative maintenance, and manages complex construction projects in an efficient manner to increase the value of the asset.
  • Detailed monthly reporting packages to clients that outline the financial activity of the property including budget variance reports, delinquency tracking, and payment updates.

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In each of our Fund’s, our thesis is to utilize our deep local market knowledge and implement a strategy which focuses on our competitive advantage in creating value though vertical integration in the small-to-medium sized business cohort.